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website design and development

We are web design and development experts

At hostlybee, we provide expert web design and development services to our clients at very competitive prices to help you build an online presence. We assure you of not only an appealing website, but also one that handles you and your audience’s requirements. Your objectives are important to us and we therefore ensure we work with you throughout the process to create the perfect website.

When you choose to work with us, our main goal is to provide a unique website tailored to fit your needs.

Our web design and development services

We design, develop and support websites services that include but are not limited to:
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Web design

A website needs to be attractive and professional in order to properly compete in the online environment. We design such websites that leave lasting impressions on your clients.

hostlybee coding

Web re-design

We also re-design and upgrade your where we change your current user interface into a better one and also add or change some of the website functionalities according to your requirements.

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Third-party integration

We also offer Payment, Emailing and calendar integration services that are very useful in improving the functionalities and ease of use of your website by clients using custom made plugins and extensions.

Website Design Packages

Simple, flexible, and affordable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.
Get Online Now
5 pages
Mobile Friendly
Standard Theme
Social Intergration (urls)
Unlimited Email Accounts
Online forms
Basic S.E.O
Google Maps
Google Analytics
Free Domain
Daily Backups
Logo Design +5k
Content Creation +4k
Delivery 1 week
2 months Support
Get Online Now
10 Pages
Mobile friendly
Semi Premium Theme
Social Intergration (urls & feeds)
Unlimited Email Accounts
Online forms
Standard S.E.O
CMS preference WordPress
Google Maps
Google Analytics
Free Domain
Daily Backups
2 Banner Creation
Blog Page
Logo Design +5k
Content Creation +6k
E-commerce + 35k
Delivery 2 weeks
4 months support
Get Online Now
50 Pages
Mobile friendly
Premium Theme
Social Intergration (urls & feeds)
Unlimited Email Accounts
Online forms
Premium S.E.O
CMS preference WordPress
Google Maps
Google Analytics
Free Domain
Daily Backups
5 Banner Creation
Photo shot
Blog Page
Logo Design +5k
Content Creation +10k
E-commerce + 45k
Delivery 4 weeks
6 months support

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Web development

Your website not only needs to be appealing, but it also needs to work. Our developers ensure they write simple, maintainable but high quality code that incorporates all the functional requirements of the website.The following are the types of websites we develop:-

Our Website Design and Development process

A well-designed website is able to attract users and help them understand something or buy a product through visuals flow and usability. Thus every element of the site needs to work towards the defined goals. But how does one achieve this? The following are the steps we take in order to deliver a competent, useful and attractive website.
  • 1.

    Information gathering

    It is at this stage that we outline the purpose of the website and its target audience. From this, we then come up with a detailed plan of the development process to ensure we don’t spend on extra resources from unexpected issues.

  • 2.


    From the information gathered, our development team creates the data to present to the client so that they can have the chance to judge how the final site will look like. This is done by use of sitemap that basically indicates the relations between the main areas of the site to help the client determine the navigability and user-friendliness of the site.

  • 3.


    We then use the information to create the design of the website i.e. Images, illustrations, videos, etc. and come up with a layout to help us visualize the structure and demonstrate the functionalities of the site. The layout is then sent to our client for review and approval.We also develop a wireframe (mock-up of the website) to provide our clients with a visual idea of how the user interface will

  • 4.

    Content creation

    Now that we have site layout in mind, we start creating content for the individual pages. We ensure we heavily involve our clients at this stage in order to work with real data, keeping Search Engine Optimization in mind.

  • 5.


    Our developers now start actual coding for the website in accordance with the approved design layout and content.

  • 6.

    Testing and Launching

    Here, we carry out tests on internal and external links to ensure none are broken, run spell-checks, and also validate our code to ensure it follows the current web standards. We also run tests throughout the site to ensure all the functionalities work properly. After testing and confirmation, we then upload your files to the hosting server and launch your site into the online world.

We use the Agile website development methodology

This is a methodology intended to improve website quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements by involving them throughout the process. The method primarily focuses on adaptability.

Git version control

We use to Git version control to prevent overwrites and misplacement of website files. It is also useful in preventing developers from using previous versions of a file.

Bitbucket code repository

We use this bitbucket repository to help us plan our projects, collaborating on code, testing and deployment.

Advantages of the Agile approach

  • Websites developed using agile approach are usually of high quality due to the regular checkups
  • Clients are also more satisfied as they are involved throughout the process
  • There’s also reduced risk of total project failure
  • In this methodology, parts of the website may actually be in use after a few sprints even before development is complete.

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