How Design Plays a Part in Your Marketing Efforts

Working with teams to deliver premium digital experiences has proven my conviction that design is central to marketing.

Graphics design forms a key part of most marketing products. Let us dive into how it plays a role in your marketing efforts:


Design plays a key role in forming your brand identity. It influences the main components, such as a good logo, and the smaller ones like document templates. A well-thought design builds trust. It shows you have your stuff together. To your audience, a good logo design is more memorable. You want your clients to recognize you easily.

Branding covers all aspects of your firm. As a result, the design appears in every email signature, document template or marketing collateral you own. Employees often overlook the look of documents and presentations sent out to clients or business partners. Hire a designer to create a standard, consistent designs for the material used across your firm. It complements your branding strategy.


Today, communication happens continuously. Social media platforms allow you to always be in touch with your clients. Research shows that effective communication has a balance of text and images. This is where good design comes in. Achieving a perfect balance of graphics content will communicate your message faster. It is important to do so because online platforms have a swarm of information that easily distracts your audience. You want them to at once know what your daily update is about. Design complements whatever information it is you want to put across on social media.

Marketing Campaigns

The performance of your marketing campaigns heavily relies on the design of the content you push to the market. Are you launching a new product? Rebranding your company? Advertising platforms you choose for your campaigns have limited space and airtime. It is standard practice to use videos, images and other forms of multimedia content. Humans generally understand illustrations faster than plain text.

To understand this better, let us consider a Call to Action.  It is a commonly used design element in marketing campaigns. It catches a reader’s attention. Such an object is usually conspicuous. For instance, your campaign’s goal could be to increase sales. A call-to-action for this could tell your audience to contact your sales hotline. The number of calls to your hotline can measure your campaign’s performance. This highlights the importance of design elements in your marketing efforts.

Visual design goes hand in hand with marketing. Most companies are discovering this and setting up design teams to support their marketing departments. Design experts bring your marketing concepts to life. However, design talent is also rare. Rare talent carries more costs. That said, you can still get a dedicated team to support your marketing efforts.

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