Google Penalty! Recover Your Website from Blacklisting

Google Penalty! Recover Your Website from Blacklisting

You may have come across warning pages before when browsing the internet. These warnings usually alert you of potential harm on a website. Amazing stuff, right? What if you’re the website owner? This is bad news! On average, websites lose over 90% of traffic with such warnings. So, what really happens?

Google uses algorithms to rank websites on its search engine. These algorithms will either lower your website’s rank or blacklist it! Black-hat SEO strategies and malware on your site can result in blacklisting. Blacklisted websites will pop up the warning message when you try accessing them. What does it mean for your website when Google blacklists you? There are the obvious risks of loss of business. However, can you recover from it? Yes. Here is how:

Identify Reasons for the Google Penalty/Blacklisting

Browsers will display warnings when you try accessing your website. These warnings will help you find the exact issue. Common issues include malware, phishing, malicious downloads and spamming. Narrowing down to the exact problem will help you to fix the security issue. Run site diagnostics, preferably with the Google Transparency Report website. The tool will give you finer details including malicious websites that your website may be linking to.


google penalty
google penalty

Fix Identified Security Issues Causing Blacklisting

Fixing security issues may need you to scan through website files on your server for malicious content. Ensure that intensive scanning to flash out hidden content in your directories. If you are not sure about this, hire a professional website expert to help you. Often, malicious content hides in your website’s directories, disguised as legit content. Once you remove this content, check for unauthorized access. Illegal user accounts or backdoor access may facilitate a recurrence of malware.

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What next after fixing the issues? You need to let Google know that it’s fixed. You need to open an account on the Google Search Console to do this. Make sure you resolve all warnings from Google before requesting for a security review. You will need to give details on the steps you took to address the security issues. The review has a security and spam review. Usually, it takes a few days for Google to complete the review.

What next after a successful recovery? You need to prevent blacklisting in the future. Google only allows recurrent blacklisting one review for every 30 days. You don’t want such a reputation. Installing a website firewall will prevent most attacks. It seals vulnerabilities on your website or third-party dependencies. You also need to ensure your hosting partner has maximum security. Also, ensure your search engine optimization strategy does not conflict with Google’s policies. Getting the right consultants will set you on the right path.



Getting on the Google blacklist is not the end of your website. With the right technical help, you can recover your website.


Hostlybee not only gives you a comprehensive analysis of the cause of the blacklist but also drafts a solid recovery plan. What’s more, with a premium SEO service, you get a partner who optimizes your site and ensures maximum security.

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