Critical Elements for Creating a Powerful eCommerce Website

Critical Elements for Creating a Powerful eCommerce Website

We can all agree that e-commerce websites are no longer the future. They are here with us. Your company probably owns one, so do your competitors. Owning one is no longer the debate. The big question is: Is your eCommerce website powerful? Are you getting more sales? Is it giving a great experience to your clients?

While building an e-commerce site for our client, we found some critical elements for a powerful eCommerce site. Here, we share some of the lessons from our experience:

Personalization of eCommerce Website Accounts

Science has proven that addressing people by their names is very rewarding. It builds a rapport. Every sales training you will attend will highlight this. This applies to eCommerce sites too. Your site adds a human touch when it mentions your clients’ names. Your eCommerce site should use information collected during registration to achieve this. Make your welcome message personalized to arouse an emotional attachment to your clients. However, take caution not to come out to intrusive by overusing clients’ data.

Categorize Your Products

Like a physical store, your eCommerce site must be well organized. Creating clear product categories is crucial. Visitors to your site can easily find products when you have clearly defined categories. What’s more, you need to have powerful search and filter tools. These tools make it easier for clients to go through your products. Remember, it is all about the experience. Make the client experience as seamless as possible. A critical element of filters is the price. It offers clients a quick means of comparison to make purchase decisions.

Have a Featured Products Section

Remember the large display windows of physical stores? How many times have you entered a store because the displayed products caught your eye? The featured products section is similar. You display your most popular products here. Products that you want clients to associate your brand with come here. Another important element when displaying products is image zoom. Image zoom allows clients to take a closer look at products, imitating traditional shopping.

Include Rating, Review and Sharing Features

Do not stop at just selling products. You want clients to come back to your e-commerce site for another purchase. To promote customer retention, include a ratings and reviews function. You will create the impression that you care for your customers when they feel your brand listens.  These ratings also increase the chances of a new client making a purchase on your e-commerce site. When you include sharing buttons on your site, clients can spread the word through their social media networks.

Have a Mobile Responsive E-commerce Site

You do not want to overlook responsiveness for your site. At Hostlybee, we believe in and promote a mobile-first approach to website design. Almost all visitors to your e-commerce site are on a mobile device. You risk losing many potential clients if they cannot have a smooth mobile experience.

OE-Marketplace Mobile  Landing Page

Have your technical team test your e-commerce site across a range of devices. You want your clients to have a similar experience on PC as on mobile.

Secure your eCommerce Platform

A lot of transactions will happen on your e-commerce platform. For maximum security, first, make sure you host your e-commerce site on a secure platform. Confirm that your hosting platform can support encryption technologies. Clients want assurance that payments they make through the site are safe. You need to secure both your client’s payment and personal data. Increased adoption of e-commerce means it is more targeted by hackers. Incorporate the latest security features from user authentication to securing personal data.

Applying these techniques to your e-commerce website will make it a success. Our client, who is becoming a leader in the electronics market, is living proof. Our commitment to grow with our clients is unwavering.

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