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At hostlybee, we do android development services for individuals and enterprise clients. Take advantage of our highly skilled developers to acquire that amazing app that completely fits your business and personal needs

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9 years of experience

Our expert developers have years of experience in the Android development services.

100% money-back guarantee

We offer 100% full cash back payment before we start android development process

On-time delivery

Most of our work we delivery within the required time and some much earlier

Client Satisfaction

We respect and adherence to our clients’ needs which is our core principle and pillar of success

After-sale Services

We do after-sale client support for free up to 1 year after completion.

Flexible & Affordable pricing

We can bend our price to accommodate your pocket

Our Services

We create interactive and intuitive applications that immediately win the affection of users. Our android developers strive to build products that are highly competitive that stand out in the social media niche and also earn a profit for you. We develop android for the following industries:


We develop such apps integrating geo location technology assist your business in coming up with better customer acquisition strategies.

Wearable apps

We also develop a range of apps to fuel your wearable gadgets such as smartwatches.

Chat messaging

You may also desire to have an app that gets people to talk to each other like WhatsApp or Snapchat and we can develop it for you.

Android games

We have an experienced game development team that is able to provide you with unique games with great visuals that immediately stand out in your target market.

Android multimedia

We also develop apps for playing music and videos or displaying pictures and also streaming service apps to enable clients to stream your content from their phones.

Android banking

You can acquire an Android application developed by us that enables your clients to access your bank services from wherever they may be and also gives you access to a wider market.

Android web apps

These are apps that require no installation and are accessed through web browsers. We develop the by redirecting them to a mobile version of your website and ensure they display properly no matter your screen size.

Custom android apps

We pride ourselves in our expertise of developing Android apps that are customized and designed for specific use from the get-go. Custom apps are easy to understand and bring about very few complications and the presence of irrelevant operations. They are also exclusive to your business and are therefore more secure.

Why Android apps

Most consumers use mobile apps in nearly all aspects of their lives, whether it’s shopping, checking the news or even studying as apps are fairly easy to access and use. This has led to the android market share to shot to a massive 81%. With this knowledge, your business can not afford to not have an app. Contact us today and revolutionize your business with your own android app.
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Backed by the strength of Google, Play Protect brings control to your fingertips without forcing you to run the show. By combining choice with transparency, we lay out the ideal security blanket for your mobile device.


Native Android apps are developed using the Java programming language, and can easily be ported to other mobile operating systems like Blackberry, Symbian and Ubuntu.


Android apps have been found to be as profitable (even more profitable in some instances) as iPhone apps, both for initial app purchases and for in-app purchases. Also, with many apps using a free with ads model, as long as the ads are being shown to app users, the app generates income.

Market share

This has to be the number one reason why indie developers should develop for Android first. According to IDC, Android absolutely dominated the number of smartphones shipped worldwide in the first three months of 2015, with 78% market share.

Our android development process

  • 1


    Our first step in android development is understanding our clients’ requirements and realizing the objective of the development process. We then compile all the requirements, research the market and engage our creative minds in and defining the functionalities for the app.

  • 2


    At this stage, we engage in coming up with a model for the app in accordance with the realized concept and showcase it to our client. This android development stage is to ensure that we adhere to our client’s requirements.

  • 3


    After the client gives a go-ahead on the model, we proceed to formally define the application. We take into consideration all the parameters necessary for making the android development process a success for example uniqueness, navigation, timeline and budget.

  • 4


    It is at the stage that actual Android development begins. We engage our frontend and backend developers in developing the user interface and the database respectively for the app. Moreover, we ensure prototypes are sent out to our clients periodically during the process for approval.

  • 5


    Our application testers conduct tests on the application throughout the entire Android development process to minimize chances of error on the final product. They ensure that the app: Is installable and uninstallable,has a presentable user interface,Is easy to use and the user can easily exit from all exit modes

  • 6

    Market submission

    After the client approves of the final application, we assist them in launching the product into the android market. We do this for example by creating a developer’s account in Google Play store and provide you with instructions on how to upload the application into the market where your users can download it.

  • 7


    Lucky for you, we also have a team of dedicated and experienced marketers who would come in handy in promoting your app in blogs, and social media sites.

    We at hostlybee follow these steps carefully to ensure that we not only create an amazing app for you, but we also introduce and promote it to help you realize your full business potential.


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