What Makes A Good Designer & Client Relationship

What Makes A Good Designer_Client Relationship

Having a good designer-client relationship is important. However, that is not always the case. Many designers and clients struggle to have a good relationship.  If you ask most designers, they will tell you client projects or work are not enjoyable. They are very stressful and tedious. The client might also be too demanding according to the designer. The clients might find the designer too expensive and incapable of executing the necessary creative vision. Unfortunately, these two need each other to achieve their goals. For this reason, it is essential for the two parties to ensure they have a good relationship. These are qualities of a good designer-client relationship:

Good communication

Communication is the key thing in every relationship. Most issues originate from misunderstanding and miscommunication. No communication translates to poor work delivery. Poor work delivery automatically leads to a negative relationship. Every party involved has to try their best to make sure they communicate as often as possible and whenever necessary. You should learn how to communicate your ideas and plans both in writing and verbally. As a client, you should know how to communicate your needs and specifications clearly.

Trust and confidence

When a client and designer trust each other, the output will often be a success. As a client. You need to trust and be confident that your designer us capable enough to bring out what you expect. This will make the designer feel like he/she is important and valued. As a designer, you need to trust in the ideas of the client. Trust that the client knows what he/she wants.


As a designer, you need to be open to the demands and ideas of the client and do not fail to raise any concerns, implications, and risks associated with these ideas. You should always remember that it is a deal between two people and you do not have a monopoly of ideas.

As a client, you need to listen to your designer because he/she is the expert. Be open to his/her suggestions such as a good logo design

With openness, there is an exchange of ideas which leads to a high-quality outcome.

Defined timeline

As a website designer, have defined timelines for each milestone in the project. It will make the client see that work is being done accordingly. As a client, ensure you stick to your payment timeline too. This will build trust between the two of you.


This will really pay off whether you are the designer or the client. For instance, a project has many hiccups. One of them can be lack of enough funds as it continues. It might be really disappointing for you as the designer. But you need to understand and be flexible enough to let it go.

Friendliness and positivity

Friendliness between the related parties makes it easier to work together. Have you ever been in a working environment where everyone is harsh, gloomy and so unfriendly? Work hardly gets done. And in case it does, it does not achieve the optimal results. Be friendly with each other. This will lead to positive vibes as the project continues.

The above-mentioned points will go a long way in helping you better your designer-client relationship. It would be wise if both of you put more effort to make your relationship work. Do not let trouble spoil your potential for future deals. This partnership could go on for many years. You do not want to have a bad reputation as a web designer or a client.

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